How to watch the Wicked Musical stream

  • August 27, 2021

The Wizard of Oz is an American classic.

It has been played more than 500 times since its debut on April 6, 1939.

And it is still playing in cinemas across the world.

But the original film, which inspired a series of popular TV shows and movies, is only available in the UK.

Now, the UK version of The Wizard Of Oz has arrived on Netflix. 

Wicked musical stream The original film is only accessible in the US.

Here’s how to watch it on Netflix A series of videos have been released for the Wizard Of The Wild West, and you can watch them here. 

The first video, titled “Wicked Musical”, tells you all about the story of Dorothy Gale and the Wight, and what happens after the credits roll. 

“When Dorothy dies, she is reborn as the Wooten, and in her last moments, she tells us about her relationship with the Wights,” the video reads.

“It is her final words, telling us the story she wants us to hear.” 

The other videos, titled The Wizard, and The Wizard’s Bride, tell the story about Dorothy’s relationship with her nephew, Wyatt.

“Wyatt is the best-looking man in the Wooting,” the first video says.

“When we see him, we all know that he is the Wizard.” 

“The Wootens are always looking for a new Woot,” the second video says, referring to Wyatt. 

This first video tells you how to get started on the Wizard of the Wild West app. 

It also shows how to make a new character and find a new music track. 

Here’s what to do if you’re in the United Kingdom, and are unable to watch on Netflix:The Wizard of The Wild Wild West is available on Netflix in the U.K. for £8.99. 

If you’re outside the U, the Wizard app is also available in Google Play, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple XBox One and Android. 

For the UK, you can download the app on the Google Play store, Apple iTunes, Amazon Appstore and Amazon Firestore. 

You can also watch the original on Netflix for free.

How to be a wicked musical writer: The rules

  • July 23, 2021

Musical writing has never been easy.

It’s a daunting task to nail the exact tone and mood of your song, to craft the perfect melody, and to compose a chorus that goes beyond the boundaries of your writing.

But in order to write the perfect piece of music, you have to first master the art of writing.

That’s where the rules come in.

We’ve rounded up 10 great rules for writing wicked musicals that will help you achieve that goal.


Play your instrument.

When writing songs, you can often hear the notes coming from your instrument when you play.

The right instruments for your style will vary from song to song, and they can also be affected by how you play the instrument.

This is especially true when you’re composing your song.

Musical instruments should be a source of inspiration, not a target.

You should use them to create the tone, mood, and mood that you want to convey to your listener.

Use your instrument to add something extra to your song or video, or to explore an idea in a different way.

A piano, guitar, or other instrument can be a powerful tool to create mood, but it should not be your main instrument.

You may need to turn to other instruments to help create the vibe or feel of your music.

Play instruments you enjoy as a source or target of inspiration.


Keep it simple.

Your song will likely have at least two characters or three to five.

Try not to overdo the musical elements, and avoid unnecessary repetition.

If you want your music to have an emotional impact, write it with as few characters as possible.

Make sure that each character and their story is unique and resonates with your listener’s emotions.

This will help the song come alive and keep you writing longer.


Don’t go overboard with music.

Be careful about what you put into your songs, or how you write them.

You want to keep the song as simple and fun as possible so that your listeners can enjoy it as much as possible, even if you have a lot of music.

This could include: songs with a single vocalist, songs with no lyrics, or songs that feature only one instrument.

Use this simple rule to make sure that you’re writing a song that you enjoy listening to. 4.

Don, uh, write your song in your head.

If the music sounds like it’s in your ear, try writing it in your notebook.

If it doesn’t sound like it, you should be able to figure out why.

If that doesn’t work, try using the song you’ve written as a reference to create your own musical score.


Write out the lyrics.

Write down the lyrics and the story behind the lyrics on paper or in the notebook you created.

This can be particularly useful if you write songs to entertain or to create music.

You can use this tool to write lyrics that relate to your own experience.

Try writing about your thoughts and feelings about the song, whether or not it’s really about you, and how you feel about it.

For example, if you wrote a song about a lost loved one, it might be helpful to include a section about the loss.

It might help you think through what your feelings might be.

For lyrics that are about something more personal, try retelling the song from your own life experience.


Avoid using too many words.

A song needs to feel powerful and dramatic to be interesting and worthwhile.

You’ll need to keep your words short, clear, and simple, which can make your writing difficult.

For this reason, try to keep it to one or two words per line.

The same goes for musical ideas.

You might use one or more words for an idea, or you might need to use one word for every other idea.

If there are multiple ideas, try adding a line or two to describe the idea, then adding one word or two for the music to describe it. 7.

Find your own voice.

Write lyrics that feel authentic and honest.

Find a character or a story that fits your style, and write them using the lyrics that match the character or story.

If a character has a voice that you find hard to identify with, try asking yourself why.

You’re not trying to hide your own identity, so it’s okay to express yourself.

Write something that feels like a real conversation that resonates deeply with you, rather than trying to cover it all up. 8.

Find inspiration.

Try out writing musical ideas or musical scores from your favorite artists or music videos.

For some musicians, creating a song is more than just a way to create something to play.

They’re inspired by the music and their characters.

Find something that appeals to your musical tastes, or even find something that’s new to you.


Be prepared for rejection.

You don’t have to write a song for every audience, or every audience is a perfect audience.

The best way to write your music is to write it to entertain your audience.

You’ve written music

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