How to play the latest music with the Raspberry Pi 3D Audio Board

  • September 24, 2021

The Raspberry Pi is one of the best-selling computers ever, and it has been a big success in Africa for years.

But this year the popular 3D audio board was a bit of a disappointment to some, as it didn’t offer enough support for the Raspberry Pis hardware.

That’s why there’s now a second version of the Raspberry PI which, after a year’s worth of development, finally includes support for audio cards from the likes of Sonos, Logitech, and Logitech Harmony.

You can also make use of some of the hardware built into the Pi to create audio projects using the new Pi Audio SDK.

We spoke to the lead developer, Peter Wibord, to find out how to make your own Raspberry Pi soundtracks.

The video above is from a demo video made by the Pi Audio Development Kit, and you can watch it below to see how the new board works.

Read more about the new Raspberry Pi Audio board on the RaspberryPi blog.

How to get a high-class cabaret musical experience without breaking the bank

  • September 13, 2021

The best way to learn how to sing and dance in a cabaret is by performing, but what about when you want to learn to play?

In this article, we’re going to cover some of the more practical tips to getting a good score on your next audition, but before we get to that, let’s take a look at the top-rated performing artists on YouTube.1.

Don’t expect to be performing at the highest level.

You’re not going to be competing against other artists in a musical theater setting.

You won’t be competing with an audience full of musicians who will want to see you perform, because they won’t have the time to wait for your performance to end.

So don’t expect a professional production of a favorite song or play to happen.

And don’t ask your parents or the principal of your high school to be the judge of your performance.2. Don

An Emoji Tale from Sweetwater Music Notes

  • July 1, 2021

In this episode of National Geographic’s “A Song for The World,” we explore the story of one of the most beloved and influential music notes in all of history.

In 1871, a group of British scientists were searching for an ancient song that was said to have the power to cure all diseases and revive people.

In the early days of the discovery, they came across a mysterious letter that was found in a nearby mine.

The scientists called it a song and named it “Sweetwater.”

But what they didn’t know was that the letter was written in Greek.

It’s a language that the British had not fully mastered.

When the scientists tried to decipher the Greek letter, they were told it was just a transcription of an old Greek song.

This is when the story gets stranger.

Written in the language of ancient Greece, the letter is called a musical notation, or music note.

Its origins were never fully understood.

We’ve also got a look at some of the other musical notes that have been discovered and the many fascinating uses that they have in modern music.

Listen below: We’ll be back in January with more information about Sweetwater music notes.

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