What’s the best music app for the price?

  • July 24, 2021

With the release of Spotify, Google and Apple are all set to release their own music apps for free.

Here are our picks.


Spotify: $9.99 – Play a collection of your favourite songs or play them in the background with an audible search.

If you don’t need all the songs, there are plenty of paid-for options for those who want them.

You can also listen to music while you’re working on the road, but the only other thing you need to do is play it, or just leave it on. 2.

Google Play Music: $8.99- A paid subscription service that allows you to play tracks for free or to buy them for a few dollars.

There are also music-themed apps available for Android.


Amazon Music Unlimited: $2.99 a month- A subscription service where you can buy a free song for just a few bucks, or buy it for a subscription fee of $5 or $10.


Apple Music: Free-to-play music service where the only requirement is that you have a music library of at least 500 songs.

You then buy additional music to play in the queue or download for offline listening.


Apple Podcasts: Free and paid-to use apps for listening to podcasts and listening to music.

You also get access to an online player where you also get the option to stream songs to other Apple devices, including iPads and iPhones.


iHeartRadio: $3.99-$4.99 monthly subscription for $9 a month.

This subscription allows you access to radio stations from all over the world and also offers a free trial period.

You’ll have to pay for the service once it starts, but you can get up to 60 days of free usage.

 (Source: Apple Music)

When Beethoven Changed My Life, But I Still Love ‘Salsa Music’

  • July 2, 2021

Beethong was born in London on February 12, 1924, but his family moved to Paris in 1935 when he was just two years old.

The violinist and composer had a difficult childhood, living with his parents in a cramped, overcrowded house in Paris’s fashionable Champs-Elysees district.

His parents worked two jobs in the family’s factory and often stayed up late to work.

Beethaven was not the brightest of children, but he was very talented.

He received a degree in music education from Paris’s prestigious Conservatoire de Paris, where he also worked as a pianist.

As a student, Beethart began composing, composing music and performing his music at clubs and concerts.

His early works, such as “Bebbe Fugue” and “Dances for the Dancing Ladies,” were widely recognized for their elegance and emotional content.

But as his talent grew, he was also criticized for being too demanding and demanding of his music.

Beart’s popularity grew, and he received more and more invitations to perform in large venues, such to the Stade de France in Paris, and to the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

His popularity peaked with his performance at the Stadthalle in Berlin in 1936.

He was the first person ever to perform at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium.

He also became the first musician to play the German national anthem.

Beethem was nominated for several Grammy awards, including best jazz soloist, best jazz composition, best live band performance, and best live performance.

He won the award for best live orchestra performance and the Grammy for best solo performance.

Beethe continued to perform internationally and in the late 1940s, Beethe won the prestigious Grammy Award for best Jazz composition for his work on Beethost.

His career then took off, as Beethaville’s popularity continued to grow.

His albums and singles became hits.

The Beethave family’s popularity was even greater when Beethard began touring the world, especially to the United States.

In addition to the world tour, Beethe was nominated by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences for his music for the film Beethaves Dream.

Beettas first two albums, Beettaville and Beetetaville, both received Grammy nominations.

Beeter’s reputation was enhanced further when Beethe released his third album, Beeton.

Beeton was one of the most successful albums of all time, with sales reaching over $20 million worldwide.

The album was the highest-grossing album of all times, and Beethe won the Grammy Award.

Beeta’s fame and popularity reached new heights in the 1950s and 1960s.

He continued to tour the world and was a regular at the annual Grammy Awards, including the 1964 Grammy Awards.

He played in the popular jazz clubs such as the Marquee, and was often on the cover of popular music magazines.

Beetta’s music became even more popular when he joined the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1966.

In 1968, Beetta won a Grammy Award in the jazz band, Beets Big Band, for his performance on the radio.

He became a popular member of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, where his songs have been performed since 1968.

In 1972, Beattes son, D.W. Beatties, was inducted into the Rock Hall of fame.


Beetz was a popular musician, writer, composer and film composer, and a major influence on a generation of artists.

His compositions, including Beetharts “Bubblegum Boy” and his popular “A-B-C-T-T” (both with his wife, Marjorie), have been covered in films and TV series, such on “Family Guy” and the hit ABC television series, “How I Met Your Mother.”

He has won multiple Grammy Awards for his musical compositions, as well as winning two Grammy Awards (Best Jazz Solo Performance and Best Jazz Instrumental Performance) for his performances on the popular TV show, “Dancing With the Stars.”


Beetz has also been nominated for multiple Grammy awards for his scores, including Best Jazz Concerto and Best Live Orchestra Performance.

In 1989, Beetz received a special Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Jazz Foundation.

Beets musical legacy is still a source of pride for many Beethavers.

His music is still played in many clubs and is featured in many commercials, such the movie “Beetetas Big Band.”

Beets son, John Beets, has been a successful businessman and has been active in many philanthropic projects including the Beetel Foundation and the Beetz Family Foundation.

The Grammy Award recognizes a musician or group of musicians who has created or made significant contributions to the history of music.

He has also become a household name, with his children playing Beethaget on the big screen and on the small

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