Eminem releases new music video for ‘Lose Yourself’

  • September 1, 2021

Eminem’s latest music video, “Lose You,” is a classic of the genre, a nostalgic trip through the darkest corners of a teenage life and a celebration of being a young person.

The video features an ominous-sounding song, “We Got the Blues,” that is almost certainly a parody of a song from the album, “Slim Shady,” which has been a hit on iTunes since 2009.

In the video, Eminem plays the piano and sings, “You’re the only thing on this earth that I love.”

The lyrics also hint at a new album, which Eminem has teased since March, saying it will be released this fall.

In this latest video, which has a title that’s not too clear, the singer turns to a black man in a white shirt who is holding a white flag and saying, “There ain’t no other thing to be sad about.”

Eminem says that in this video, the white man is speaking to the white flag as he is dying.

Eminem’s song, titled “Losing Yourself,” is the second new Eminem song released this week.

“Lucky,” a song released in March, has an equally ominous-looking title.

“I Don’t Care” is a song that was released in December, and it is a rap song about depression.

“You Don’t Own Me” is another rap song that features Eminem in the title.

Both songs feature Eminem in an interview with Kanye West, who has been working on a new single.

“It’s like Kanye’s new album is finally coming out,” Eminem said of his new album.

“But I’m trying to get it ready to drop first, I’m really excited about it.

It’s a really good song, man.”

Emmitt also made headlines when he dropped a song called “The World Is a Good Place,” which was also named after his new song.

It was released on Feb. 17.

Emmitt told Billboard that the song is about his life as a rapper, saying, I got a new lease on life.

“All of these years of trying to prove myself and being a star have taught me to see that you can be great without being a superstar,” he said.

“The world is a good place for me.”

Emmett and the rapper released “The Future Is Now” in March.

The song was released by Eminem’s label Def Jam, and the track featured his voice.

The track features lyrics that talk about his struggles in school and how he was raised by a single mother.

Emmitt said that in the past, he didn’t listen to music as much as he did the Internet, but that he had an interest in rap music in general.

“In my past, I used to be a hip-hop kid, but I was trying to make my own music,” he told Billboard.

“Now I’m listening to the new music and I’m getting an edge because it’s really about who you are, it’s about who your family is and what you have to be.”

Eminem has been making music videos for almost two decades, and this new music has taken the spotlight on the artist.

“What’s new is the way I’m putting myself out there,” he added.

“That’s how I’m going to continue to do this.”

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