Al Jazeera America: Music codes are just for your phones

  • October 27, 2021

Al Jazeera’s music code app is now available for iOS and Android phones.

The app has been updated to support all the new music codes and will be rolled out across all the major U.S. wireless carriers in the coming days.

The app has also been updated for iPhone and iPad users to include the music code for the new Apple Music service, which will be available to download from the Apple Store and available on the App Store.

The new Apple music app, which launched last month, is available on iPhones and iPads for $4.99, which includes the app itself and any additional music files.

Apple Music users can also download the free Apple Music app to their phones.

“We wanted to make sure that the music app that we have on the iPhone is going to have the best music experience,” Al Jazeera Americas music director Daniel DeWalt said.

“The app is a great experience for people who don’t have iPhones.”

Al Jazeera Americas Music app on iOS and on AndroidThe new music app features a redesigned look and a much cleaner look with much more detail on the user interface.

Users can now navigate to any music source by clicking the Play button, which now has a new icon on the home screen and on the top right of the app.

Al Jazeera America also added the ability to filter the music search by artist or genre to the music source filter, which also includes the ability for users to filter their searches by artists or genres.

Alas, the new iOS and OS X apps also lack support for music playlists, which means the users can’t search for songs by playing an album, playlists or playlists on their phones and by using a Bluetooth audio connection.

The apps also now support iTunes Match, which allows users to create a personalized list of available music apps to listen to, with an option to play the music that you want to listen and add the appropriate song to the playlist.

The music codes for the iPhone and Android apps are still in beta and have not been tested for stability and performance, but users are able to update their codes with the new iTunes Match version on their iPhones and Android devices.


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