How to create a music playlist for your smartphone without any Google Play Music links

  • August 11, 2021

A few years ago, Apple created its own streaming service, iTunes, that could stream its music directly to your iPhone or iPad.

Apple also put out a music streaming service called Beats Music that offered more than a million songs for $10 a month.

But Apple Music has been getting a lot of flack over the past few months as the company has been under fire for failing to adequately address piracy concerns.

And in an attempt to make Apple Music even more appealing to consumers, the company just launched a new music streaming app called Beats Radio that will let you stream up to six songs from Apple Music for free, without the need for a Google Play music subscription.

“Apple Music is an amazing service that has been a huge success for us,” said Steve Jurvetson, CEO of Beats Radio.

“And for consumers, it has always been the best way to get a full complement of songs from iTunes and our streaming service.”

But Apple also has a very different strategy in mind.

Apple Music has long been touted as a way to stream music from your iPhone to your TV.

That means if you’ve got a music subscription on your iPhone, your TV will know where you’ve been, and it will automatically play any songs you want.

Apple has said that Beats Radio will be compatible with iTunes, Spotify and YouTube, but that’s about all you can do.

Beats Radio is still being tested by Apple Music.

“If you’ve never heard of Apple Music, or you’re a casual user of Apple products, it’s not for you,” said Jurvettson.

“The best way for you to find it is to just use iTunes, your favorite music player or other digital music services.”

Jurvetsons company, Beats Radio, is actually an app that uses the iTunes API to make the music search more powerful.

Beats Music is now being offered as a separate app on Apple Music and on the iTunes App Store.

But unlike Apple Music which has a built-in music library that will make it easy to find the right songs, Beats has a separate, separate music library to offer the right playlist.

Apple says it is going to be releasing a separate music streaming application for iOS and Android devices later this year.


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