What to watch for when the rain starts to fall on hawaii: An audio guide

  • June 18, 2021

The sounds of rain can be a little unsettling for the casual listener.

But when it comes to the Hawaiian music scene, there’s a good chance you’ll hear the sounds of Hawaiian music on your headphones as the rain pours down.

In a world where music has always been an important part of Hawaiian culture, it’s only natural that the islanders would be singing songs and songs of their own creation.

But with the rain now in the forecast, the Hawaiian community is taking it upon themselves to create some of the best music from the islands native artists.

We caught up with the producers behind some of Hawaii’s finest tracks to find out what makes them special.

“A lot of the songs I work on are songs that are based on Hawaiian traditions and culture,” said composer Matt Gebreselas, a native Hawaiian.

“I like to keep my influences as true to Hawaii as possible.

I’m always looking to make music that is different, but still Hawaiian.”

Music from Hawaii is not as universal as it used to be, but Gebremselas said that it’s been a big change.

“The music that’s been coming out of Hawaii for years now has kind of become something that’s a part of the culture,” he said.

“Now people are making music that sounds like Hawaii.

That’s not something that was always the case.”

Hollywood is a big draw for the island’s musicians, and the music coming out has some interesting parallels with the film industry.

For example, in some ways, the musical genre of Hawaiian rap is a direct homage to the movie genre of the 1960s.

In addition to the music being inspired by the movie, the songwriting process is similar to how movies are made.

“I do my own soundtracking,” said Gebryseas.

“It’s very much like the way that films are made, and we try to make it as authentic as possible.”

Gebremes music can be found in all genres and styles of music, from classic rock to hip hop to country.

His latest project is called My Beautiful Hawaiian Land, a collaboration with the Hawaiian folk singer-songwriter and singer Chauncy N’o.

N’o was born in Hawaii, but she moved to the U.S. when she was 16 to pursue a career in film.

Her music is full of a sense of longing for the homeland, which is reflected in her lyrics.

“You don’t really see people on Hawaii anymore,” she said.

“They’re just gone.

There are only a few people that have lived there for many, many years.

They’re gone, and they’re gone in a way that I never imagined that I could be a part and still be able to do what I love.

That is beautiful.”

N’O is one of many artists who are collaborating with Gebreras on his music.

In the latest project, he teamed up with artist Chris Ragan to create a track called “The World Is Yours,” which is a celebration of life in Hawaii.

“It’s a tribute to Hawaii’s people and its traditions and people who have come here,” Gebrey said.

He’s working with Ragan, a former member of the rock band The Killers, on another track called, “Crazy Hawaii.”

“Crazy Honolulu” is a tribute album to the island that is full to the brim with songs that express an appreciation for Hawaii and its people.

“Hawaii is a very diverse island,” Gibreselos said.

“[It’s] a place that has such a rich history that you can get lost in it.”

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